What Inspires Me……………..

Magic Wand

Magic Wand

I wish I could heal your pain and wounds with one swish of my magic wand
I wish you were always happy and only had a happy past to reflect upon

I wish that everyone around you could be happy for you and remind you that you are a good person
That you are loved and wanted
That everyone knew they were loved and wanted too

I wish that my magic wand would carry enough beautiful energy and sparking fairy dust to spread cheer around the world and back
That everyone was happy with themselves
That everyone knew they were loved and wanted
That everyone treated everyone with kindness
That we all showed compassion to each other and ourselves

I wish that my magic wand took all the pain and sorrow from everyone on this planet and released it from their bodies and souls
That we all could let go of the past challenges and only remember good, happy, loving things that make us whole and loved

I wish my magic wand to touch you today
Release anything you desire to let go of
Really let go of it
For it is the past
Don’t take it forward

Then I will wave my magic wand over you again
This time for you to breathe in the love you are
The love you want in your life
Know you are wanted
Know that you are here because you matter
And if you left now
You would be surely missed

For my heart would be broken and so would that of all the others that love you too
May my magic wand touch your heart today and help you find your way back here to all those who love you
May it show you how to love yourself and help you believe in something more then the sad memories that your mind uses to keep you from feeling loved and wanted
May my magic wand help you believe you deserve to be happy and can have happiness and love in your life
Free of the demons of the past

May my magic wand help you clear your head of sadness and let you live through your heart
Humbly and in gratitude for what you have achieved
Who you are becoming and all that you come through
My magic wand fills you with love
Fills you with happiness
Fills your heart with humbleness
And let your head know you are loved always
Allowing you to feel the love of all who love you though your heart

What’s it all for

What’s it all for
What is our purpose here in physical form
Why do we live to die

The answer is simple
Though most people have a hard time seeing it
Accepting it
Believing it

It is as if we have had so much stuff
Drilled into our heads
That life has to be hard
We must suffer
We must give to everyone else
Sacrifice ourselves for others happiness
(a message passed on to women for centuries)

What if each and everyone of us
Are here to live
Live in our hearts
Be happy for who we are
Where we are in our lives
Live in gratitude for who is in our life
Who has been
Living where we are now
Not our past
Not our future
Just right now

Finding inner peace with our journey
Receiving all good and great people and things into our lives

I have spent the past few months focusing on the things I am grateful for
Some mornings it takes a little time to count them all
Some mornings I awake fully happy
And totally in my heart ūüíĖ

I realize I can not change my past
I can not control my future or any of the moments in between by living in my head
letting fear run my moments

What I can do is breathe
Just breathe
For as I move through the moments finding anything I can find gratitude for
My gratitude shifts everything
And I mean everything ūüôā

So I am grateful to everyone in my life
The lessons I have learned and the ones I still have to learn
I find peace in what I have created in my life now
I know nothing
I know that trusting the unseen world is scary and exciting

As I stay in gratitude
The results bring me happiness through the friends and family
created by my desires for something better then what
my past was

Thank you
With much love and gratitude from my heart for each moment of my day

Soul searching

Spending time with myself and my family
I look at the recent past and
No longer ask, why?

It is was it is
It was all in divine order
I am believer that we all come
Into each other’s lives for
Far more reasons then we really
Need to know
be it

For a day to a season
Some longer
Some shorter

My blessing is that I receive
What we came together for
I have met
The same kinds of people
Knocking my head on the preverbal
Waiting for the answer to come from outside of me

To remember it Is me that is to
Open my heart and eyes to
See my truth

Sometimes I am so slow !!!
Dreaming, and wishing
Trying hard for it to be what I thought
I wanted
Only to see that it was as it was to be
Just desiring

Seeing how it is
To be who they want me to be

I know who I am
The unknown can be elating
At the same time it can feel scary
to move
Into the void

The abyss of nothingness
When I stay in my heart and
Stay fully connected in Spirit
Only inner peace exist in my space

This is when I know I am home
The place we all look for
Chase after
Searching for

The message

I do not write my Life with words
Or other people’s beliefs that go against mine
I write it with actions

What you think is right or important
Is not the same as how I feel about what is right or important to me
Yet, there are many things in where we share the same belief

What is important to me
Is respect integrity, honesty, Love
Compassion is a key element to living

I come with flaws
I come with so much power and light
I come in peace
I come playfully
I come with my truth
I come standing in what is right for me

I make a fool of myself
Which makes me more humbled then before

I will always follow myself
By way of what is right for me
Using my Spirit connection to guide me

Sometimes challenged
I am straight forward
No bones about it

I learn
I love
I cry
I hurt
I am me

I love every aspect of myself
I am blessed
I am grateful

I am ¬†me ūüôā

Feeling Blessed

Feeling blessed

Right now there are those out there
That are having a challenge with
The wording
I feel blessed
To them it is being over used
They are ok with
I am lucky
Good luck has come my way
I am doing well
They can even take, I’m awesome

I in some ways they are right more and
More people are using
The “I am blessed” statement
some might be using it
Because they are coping others
They want to be on the band wagon
Of great things and feelings in their lives
Hoping that just saying the words
Will bring them
The great stuff they are seeking

Is there harm in using the statement
I am feeling blessed ?
Does it hurt to jump on the gravy train
Of positive energy ?
Does it hurt others when they say it ?
Why get upset over it ?
And not the “I feel lucky”
or the “Good luck seems to follow me”

Why care what way people
Say they are feeling happy ?

For me
I feel blessed
I feel lucky
I feel grateful
For everyone and everything in my life
The happy times
The sad times ( they tend to make me a better person )
The alone times
The sharing times
Love and life

I am gonna say it
I was saying it before it was the “in way”
To express awesome feelings
I am blessed for all of you
Who read my blog
And all those in my life
Especially because
you seem to desire to read what I write
not that you have to believe it or agree
I write when it feels right to me !!!


Trust is a wonderful gift to all of us
who choose to live in our hearts and believe
in our ability to honor our true self

So many of us have been lied to by others
taught that our feelings or thoughts are

The belief from them is that the world
only works one way
and that our journey is to follow
the so called right way to live

Follow the rules
Be normal
Sacrifice yourself for others
Secure your future

Opening up to our own truths
Allowing ourselves to feel
and following our hearts desires
Most of all Trusting what feels right for us

Taking the time to really feel our own truth
and trusting it
is one of the best ways for
us to learn to trust others too

I trust Spirit
which in turns allows me
to trust my feelings
and those close to my heart

Old Friend

 I have had some time to reflect on my past
 I am very grateful to you for being in my life
 understanding that my freedom within our relationship was very important to me

 It was your friendship that gave me security when I did not see that
 I could stand on my own
 because of my childhood and then marriage to my ex
 it was because of this that I moved in with you

 At the time we met
 I did not believe that I could really be me
My family and others were right
I thought, leaving me to believe they knew what
was best for me
through my time with you
I learned that I did not need to be rescued anymore
because I was not broken

 I was confused and did not understand I was
 fine believing in myself and doing what was
 right for me
 we are different people
 and yet we were to be together for several seasons

 I only wish you the best
 I hope you find everything you desire in life and live
 Your life fully each and everyday
 I will always remember the times we had together with
 Such gratitude

 I realize that I used to get upset with you in the past few years
 As there seems to be a part of you that can not
 Accept me as I am today
I believe that your understanding of my world does not work
 With your belief system
 And I am ok with that
 I also know that all is in divine order and it was to be this way

 Please know that you are an amazing man
 And I am very grateful that we journeyed as long as we did
 And that we can still connect when we do
 Please do not think that you did anything wrong
 I realize some time ago that the man who I connected to was to come into my life
To have the two of us move forward with our own lives
 I was never to be with him
it was for me to fully embrace myself
loving myself for who I am, just the way I am

 I was to step up and be the me I am today
 And if we had not moved to Portland
 And I had not taking the job selling 
Something else would of happened for us to get the message
 And move in our own directions
 To honor our independent lives

 We came together when I thought I was broken
 Only to find out that I was never broken
 Just learning how to be me

 Thank you for carefully nudging me to find myself
 And giving me a safe environment to do it in 
When I was not feeling safe in this world

 I hope that if we meet up in the future
 You can accept me as I am
 As I accept you as you are

 Thank you for being my friend when I was feeling lost

 I am forever grateful

Now I am moving forward with my life
Blessed to be me
living in gratitude everyday for everything I am
and everything I have in my life…….
Friends, family, Love, Happiness,

They Say

They say

“Real loves moves freely in both directions
So why would you waste your time
on anything else”

I believe we want so much to be loved
That we often settle for
less then what is real

Doing our best to put blinders on
using what we have learned from others
in our past to get the person we think we want

Yes, I said it
think we love to change and be the one
the one to fill our wishes and wants
to be everything we are lacking in our life
to fill our void

To  truly love
Is to love  what we have
Real love shows us to
see who we are and who the other is
just the way we are
free of blinders, free of attempting to change the other

It is made up of the things we say
The things we don’t say
The things we do
Most importantly we believe in each others journey
and desire to be with and love each other
Just the way we are

Giving each others support in the work they do
Loving each other should be the easiest thing we have ever done
It flows with grace and ease from one heart to the others heart

Real love is work
however it is the most fun and exciting work we can do

I open my heart to love
giving and receiving it all day long


Family consist of the people
We choose to journey
Our younger years with

To teach us
So many things
Some help us to grow
In loving ways
Others push us to see
All the things we don’t
Like and desire not to be

Which is the gift

Family teaches us who
We are
And how we are not

Family can bring love
And happiness into our lives
Or they can be destructive
And heartbreaking

In my life
I bore myself to my family
As my gift for healing

Seems like I decided to heal
Lots of past lives all
At once

The gifts I received from
My family
Was to learn many forms
Of love
Mostly what the ego
Said love was, is

I found through them
That I felt different
I felt something that
Did not fit
Through them being them
I found me

I believe that love comes
From and lives in my heart
It fills me with joy and peace

Love is unconditional
Free of expectations

I can say I love my family
For what they brought
Into my life for healing


The biggest challenge we have is letting go of what our head says
to do to protect our bodies
Living in our heart means paying attention to our feelings
and blaming no one
Not even ourselves
Giving gratitude to ego
For what it had brought to the surface
so we can change
The thoughts
The words
Thus loving ourselves and our journey as it unfolds
we love our changes into the positive
Thus believing only great wonderful
Events and situations can and do
Come into our lives and hearts