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Our Universe

Angel Sunset

Feeling lost and alone
as the darkness of the night falls
upon the sky line

Old thoughts, old memories
find their way to the surface of my mind

Working hard to move forward
I find new challenges which some how
I over looked growing on my path way
Feeling like I can’t breathe
I walk outside
taking in the fresh air
My eyes gaze at the night sky 
clouds parting in front of my eyes
Universe painted stars galore

I am blessed to feel
my heart lights up
I reconnect to our Universe
 One Spirit
 One Body


Valentine’s day is suppose to be a day for lovers
Lovers from all walks of life and all ages
Friends, family and even our pets

Most important is remembering to love ourselves
Why is it then that we forget to put ourselves first
to give ourselves the same love we save and give to others

I remember being told as a child that in order for me to Love others
I had to Love myself first
Funny, I had no idea how to love myself
After all these years
I have figured it out
I love who I have become
I honor and respect myself
just the way I am
I Thank myself for being willing to grow and learn
embracing new aspects of myself and letting go of others
I no longer need

 I love that I have learned to say NO
 Happy Valentine’s week to all

First story

I have many stories to tell
Each one of them from living here on Earth
I have walked here in others forms
I have come now to remind us all how precious our Earth is

I believe it is time to stop stripping our Earth of all her natural Beauty
It is time to remember to be grateful for what Earth gives us and return what we no longer are using back into healthy land so our Earth can continue to Thrive and provide for us.