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Where does it say that we need to live in fear
Who taught us to live in fear
Why if we do not believe
do we still pass on the fear we have to others

Seems to me it is time we let go of the fear
real or not that we experience
seems to me that we spend more time
and energy living in the fear of what if
then living in the energy of all good things are possible

I have decided for myself to find the good in each situation
I have decided to find the rainbow with every rain fall
I decided that when the dark sky roars with thunder
the Angels are bowling and one of them got a strike

I believe it is true 
We are so strong and powerful
More than we could ever imagine
and with this belief
I am choosing to live with my heart open
and seeing the greatness in all things possible

I hope you see yourself as the wonderful person
I see in you


More and More
Everyday now
I embrace who
I am
My past
Old Dreams
Feel like distant memories

Was I really her
did I really think that way
I only know this moment
Right here
Right now

Dreaming of the future
seems almost to funny to do
any more

As long as I believe in me
I find I forgive myself of my past
and accept my Future when it comes
allowing myself to live in the now

Thank you for being you
So I may be me………………