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Believing in my journey

Tonight I feel sadness
knowing I am on the right path
Working everyday to be a better person
to be in this moment with gratitude in my heart for all I am
and all I have in my life

Being in physical form takes it’s toll on me sometimes
I let my mind wander into the abyss of the unknown
the what if’s I call them
as if I am searching for something I left behind
did I really leave something behind
Yes, some parts of me
some thoughts, feels, beliefs I decided were no longer me

How is it that I feel like I miss them now
I really do like who I am right now
yet, I find myself uneased by where my mind takes me
feeling as if I lost the bliss I was living

I allow myself to feel the sadness
believing this is part of my journey
in which I heal more of my past
freeing my emotions to break
being in my pain
I begin to find my light again

I do believe in myself and fill with gratitude for walking
my path in physical form

Thank you for listening