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The biggest challenge we have is letting go of what our head says
to do to protect our bodies
Living in our heart means paying attention to our feelings
and blaming no one
Not even ourselves
Giving gratitude to ego
For what it had brought to the surface
so we can change
The thoughts
The words
Thus loving ourselves and our journey as it unfolds
we love our changes into the positive
Thus believing only great wonderful
Events and situations can and do
Come into our lives and hearts


What is the Ego?
Could it be a round waffle
Or square one
That pops out of our
Toaster in the morning

Made from / with words
Most of us do not recognize
Things that are far from
Being real food

Not much taste to make
Our morning cheery
So we add butter
Maple syrup, a sprinkle of
Powered sugar

Having one of those morning
That needs extra sweetness
To start our day
We add some fresh cut fruit
Which helps us
Believe we are eating healthy

Ah, a quick fix to getting
Our day off to a great start

Funny thing is
Did we even really enjoy it
Are we so used to living
The quick and easy way
Or at least desire life to be
Quick and easy

We skip over slowing down
And feeling the moments
Of our day

Rushing through life
Making due with whatever is
sugar coating it when we
Desire it to be different
Still swallowing it anyway

Missing the experiences
That come from living in the moment and letting Spirit
Guide the journey