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Feeling Blessed

Feeling blessed

Right now there are those out there
That are having a challenge with
The wording
I feel blessed
To them it is being over used
They are ok with
I am lucky
Good luck has come my way
I am doing well
They can even take, I’m awesome

I in some ways they are right more and
More people are using
The “I am blessed” statement
some might be using it
Because they are coping others
They want to be on the band wagon
Of great things and feelings in their lives
Hoping that just saying the words
Will bring them
The great stuff they are seeking

Is there harm in using the statement
I am feeling blessed ?
Does it hurt to jump on the gravy train
Of positive energy ?
Does it hurt others when they say it ?
Why get upset over it ?
And not the “I feel lucky”
or the “Good luck seems to follow me”

Why care what way people
Say they are feeling happy ?

For me
I feel blessed
I feel lucky
I feel grateful
For everyone and everything in my life
The happy times
The sad times ( they tend to make me a better person )
The alone times
The sharing times
Love and life

I am gonna say it
I was saying it before it was the “in way”
To express awesome feelings
I am blessed for all of you
Who read my blog
And all those in my life
Especially because
you seem to desire to read what I write
not that you have to believe it or agree
I write when it feels right to me !!!