What Inspires Me……………..

Soul searching

Spending time with myself and my family
I look at the recent past and
No longer ask, why?

It is was it is
It was all in divine order
I am believer that we all come
Into each other’s lives for
Far more reasons then we really
Need to know
be it

For a day to a season
Some longer
Some shorter

My blessing is that I receive
What we came together for
I have met
The same kinds of people
Knocking my head on the preverbal
Waiting for the answer to come from outside of me

To remember it Is me that is to
Open my heart and eyes to
See my truth

Sometimes I am so slow !!!
Dreaming, and wishing
Trying hard for it to be what I thought
I wanted
Only to see that it was as it was to be
Just desiring

Seeing how it is
To be who they want me to be

I know who I am
The unknown can be elating
At the same time it can feel scary
to move
Into the void

The abyss of nothingness
When I stay in my heart and
Stay fully connected in Spirit
Only inner peace exist in my space

This is when I know I am home
The place we all look for
Chase after
Searching for

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