What Inspires Me……………..

The Message

The message

I do not write my Life with words
Or other people’s beliefs that go against mine
I write it with actions

What you think is right or important
Is not the same as how I feel about what is right or important to me
Yet, there are many things in where we share the same belief

What is important to me
Is respect integrity, honesty, Love
Compassion is a key element to living

I come with flaws
I come with so much power and light
I come in peace
I come playfully
I come with my truth
I come standing in what is right for me

I make a fool of myself
Which makes me more humbled then before

I will always follow myself
By way of what is right for me
Using my Spirit connection to guide me

Sometimes challenged
I am straight forward
No bones about it

I learn
I love
I cry
I hurt
I am me

I love every aspect of myself
I am blessed
I am grateful

I am  me 🙂

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