What Inspires Me……………..

Magic Wand

Magic Wand

I wish I could heal your pain and wounds with one swish of my magic wand
I wish you were always happy and only had a happy past to reflect upon

I wish that everyone around you could be happy for you and remind you that you are a good person
That you are loved and wanted
That everyone knew they were loved and wanted too

I wish that my magic wand would carry enough beautiful energy and sparking fairy dust to spread cheer around the world and back
That everyone was happy with themselves
That everyone knew they were loved and wanted
That everyone treated everyone with kindness
That we all showed compassion to each other and ourselves

I wish that my magic wand took all the pain and sorrow from everyone on this planet and released it from their bodies and souls
That we all could let go of the past challenges and only remember good, happy, loving things that make us whole and loved

I wish my magic wand to touch you today
Release anything you desire to let go of
Really let go of it
For it is the past
Don’t take it forward

Then I will wave my magic wand over you again
This time for you to breathe in the love you are
The love you want in your life
Know you are wanted
Know that you are here because you matter
And if you left now
You would be surely missed

For my heart would be broken and so would that of all the others that love you too
May my magic wand touch your heart today and help you find your way back here to all those who love you
May it show you how to love yourself and help you believe in something more then the sad memories that your mind uses to keep you from feeling loved and wanted
May my magic wand help you believe you deserve to be happy and can have happiness and love in your life
Free of the demons of the past

May my magic wand help you clear your head of sadness and let you live through your heart
Humbly and in gratitude for what you have achieved
Who you are becoming and all that you come through
My magic wand fills you with love
Fills you with happiness
Fills your heart with humbleness
And let your head know you are loved always
Allowing you to feel the love of all who love you though your heart

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