What Inspires Me……………..

They Say

They say

“Real loves moves freely in both directions
So why would you waste your time
on anything else”

I believe we want so much to be loved
That we often settle for
less then what is real

Doing our best to put blinders on
using what we have learned from others
in our past to get the person we think we want

Yes, I said it
think we love to change and be the one
the one to fill our wishes and wants
to be everything we are lacking in our life
to fill our void

To  truly love
Is to love  what we have
Real love shows us to
see who we are and who the other is
just the way we are
free of blinders, free of attempting to change the other

It is made up of the things we say
The things we don’t say
The things we do
Most importantly we believe in each others journey
and desire to be with and love each other
Just the way we are

Giving each others support in the work they do
Loving each other should be the easiest thing we have ever done
It flows with grace and ease from one heart to the others heart

Real love is work
however it is the most fun and exciting work we can do

I open my heart to love
giving and receiving it all day long


Family consist of the people
We choose to journey
Our younger years with

To teach us
So many things
Some help us to grow
In loving ways
Others push us to see
All the things we don’t
Like and desire not to be

Which is the gift

Family teaches us who
We are
And how we are not

Family can bring love
And happiness into our lives
Or they can be destructive
And heartbreaking

In my life
I bore myself to my family
As my gift for healing

Seems like I decided to heal
Lots of past lives all
At once

The gifts I received from
My family
Was to learn many forms
Of love
Mostly what the ego
Said love was, is

I found through them
That I felt different
I felt something that
Did not fit
Through them being them
I found me

I believe that love comes
From and lives in my heart
It fills me with joy and peace

Love is unconditional
Free of expectations

I can say I love my family
For what they brought
Into my life for healing


The biggest challenge we have is letting go of what our head says
to do to protect our bodies
Living in our heart means paying attention to our feelings
and blaming no one
Not even ourselves
Giving gratitude to ego
For what it had brought to the surface
so we can change
The thoughts
The words
Thus loving ourselves and our journey as it unfolds
we love our changes into the positive
Thus believing only great wonderful
Events and situations can and do
Come into our lives and hearts


What is the Ego?
Could it be a round waffle
Or square one
That pops out of our
Toaster in the morning

Made from / with words
Most of us do not recognize
Things that are far from
Being real food

Not much taste to make
Our morning cheery
So we add butter
Maple syrup, a sprinkle of
Powered sugar

Having one of those morning
That needs extra sweetness
To start our day
We add some fresh cut fruit
Which helps us
Believe we are eating healthy

Ah, a quick fix to getting
Our day off to a great start

Funny thing is
Did we even really enjoy it
Are we so used to living
The quick and easy way
Or at least desire life to be
Quick and easy

We skip over slowing down
And feeling the moments
Of our day

Rushing through life
Making due with whatever is
sugar coating it when we
Desire it to be different
Still swallowing it anyway

Missing the experiences
That come from living in the moment and letting Spirit
Guide the journey

Learning Curve

For the first time
I am living my life
For myself

I have lived for others
For so many years
I feel that if i am to be graded
Then, I desire it to be
on the curve

Feeling awkward
Not understanding how
To play in this new field

There appear to be
No rules
No lies
No dishonesty

Openness is the truth
We are living by
Respect and integrity
Flow with ease and grace

My mind gets all confused
Waiting for
Looking for
Expecting something to go array

Truth is my heart
Knows the truth
I feel this different kind of
Within in the essence of my soul

My learning curve is:


My body feels our fire
As we
Snuggle into each other
Hearts beating as one
Free to be light
Free to breath deep

So far away
In physical form
I still feel you beside me

The fire you ignite inside me
Creates flames that explode
Into the night sky

This passion I feel for you
Stirs my soul My heart
I have felt you for what
seems eternally
We Come together now

Many life times past
Our fire was created out of chaos
As you stood by me
Knowing we could not be

Now, my flame desires
Your touch
Your passion
Your heart
Your kiss

I embrace my journey with you
Heart wide open

With such blessing of gratitude
Filled with love
For what is to come

My mind races 
Filled with questions 

Can I trust this person ?
How will I know if he is telling 
The truth ?
Is there really a nice guy out there 
Who will truly like me for me ?
Am I a fool for taking a chance with 
A man long distance ? 

Stop, breath, get back into my heart
Stop, breath, trust Spirit

Quiet my mind 
It is full of stories 
Ones to scare me 
Believing they are to protect me 
From being a fool

Sitting still
I listen to my heart 
The sound of contentment 
Following my journey 
Into the unknown 

I desire to open my heart to 
All possibilities 
That only great, wonderful 
Gifts will come from this 

I find that this time I 
Desire to free myself from 
The drivers seat 

Trust fully in myself 
To be in each moment as 
It comes
Embracing the feeling of the moment

I am free
Starting now