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Look Around

I look around
I see wood work, trees, fabric, and metal
along with people all woven into the back drop
of the furniture
eating, drinking, sharing
enjoying this moment
right now
How blessed I am to be sitting
here in the mist of this moment

I embrace this moment
I embrace all life
knowing this is what we strive for
yet, it is so easy for us to forget
to be in the moment
when we are  working and dealing with
all the issues of our lives

When our pain and heartbreak
consumes our physical body
we somehow at times move into
our past, of who did what to us
or what we did wrong to ourselves and others

We have even dove deeper into our pain
making those around us uncomfortable
where is the balance?
were we canbe in each moment
happy and sad
freeing ourselves to be
finding solace in our sorrow
and bliss in our joy

Tonight I find bliss in just being me