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I am very blessed to have many different kinds
of friends in my life
I continue to change as the years pass
Many friends have come and gone from my life
I know each one has been a gift and
blessing to me

I look back over my life and see how
I have been lead by some to teach me
how to be truthful and honest to myself

There have been times when I
attempted to control some of my friendships
so I could feel loved and wanted
a lesson I received from my family

I have pushed others away in mean ways
for I didn’t understand that
I could simply let them know that
I was grateful for our journey and now it
was time for me, us to move on

Others have pushed me away
in negative ways too
they too not knowing how to set our
relationship free with grace

Then there are those that have
stood the test of time
both of us growing, differently
yet, with a belief system that works
complimenting the two of us

We respect each other’s journey
seeing that we can gracefully
dance our own dance
while dancing together

Thank you for being in my life…………..