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Family consist of the people
We choose to journey
Our younger years with

To teach us
So many things
Some help us to grow
In loving ways
Others push us to see
All the things we don’t
Like and desire not to be

Which is the gift

Family teaches us who
We are
And how we are not

Family can bring love
And happiness into our lives
Or they can be destructive
And heartbreaking

In my life
I bore myself to my family
As my gift for healing

Seems like I decided to heal
Lots of past lives all
At once

The gifts I received from
My family
Was to learn many forms
Of love
Mostly what the ego
Said love was, is

I found through them
That I felt different
I felt something that
Did not fit
Through them being them
I found me

I believe that love comes
From and lives in my heart
It fills me with joy and peace

Love is unconditional
Free of expectations

I can say I love my family
For what they brought
Into my life for healing


The holiday time is one of many trials and tribulations
with our lives today
many families live around the country
even around the world
how do we connect with our family
and also have our lives too

Many of us are older and have children of our own
enough of us have our children grown and out of our homes
caught between our own children
our siblings and parents (the ones that are still here)
there seems not enough time in our lives these
days to be in several places at once

How do we fare
Do we buy gifts to help with the guilt
Do we go and see them
spending much time and money standing in line
at airports
Do we make sure everyone is happy at the expense of

There is this thing called guilt
and it seems to really pull on us more
when the holiday season is abound
guilt for not having enough money to buy
everyone what they want and leaving some people out
guilt for not being at everyone’s gathering
guilt for not wanting to give all our holiday time
to those we don’t like
and guilt for not liking what others bought us
for gifts

seems like we spend more time feeling guilty
about the holiday season
because we can’t make everyone happy
and the one person not on our list
is ourself

more and more as I get older
I find the holiday is about what makes me happy
and when I am happy
those I care most about are happy too
This holiday season I did what I desired to do

the funny thing is my children were happy
even though I didn’t go see them
they had other family to visit with
made it easy for all of us
they didn’t have to pick and choose
I went on a road trip and caught up with old
friends of mine
and spent time by myself walking beaches
one of my most favorite things to do

Next holiday season
who knows what will happen
I just decided to start a new tradition
this one involves
Making me happy first
My children seem to have caught on
they like the idea of us all doing what makes us happy

we have all year to see each other
it doesn’t have to be on the holidays
giving us more freedom and much pleasure
to just be able to enjoy our time together
with many great memories


So much disrespect floating around
What have we been teaching each other?
How many generations ago did the breakdown of respect start?
Why do we believe we are to tolerate disrespect to ourselves and others?

Seems we get blamed and become the bad person
when we speak up and ask to be respected

Funny how we usually seem to only speak up when
we have had enough
as if we think that taking the disrespect from time to time is ok
Then we reach that point were we say enough is enough
So what has to happen inside of us before we stand our ground
we even end up demanding respect instead of asking politely

How often do we shift and change our opinion of ourselves
so we can feel like we fit in with friends and co-workers
even our family

Why do we change to fit in at all
does it have to do with the old feelings
the ones that are familiar
comfortable and all knowing to us

I desire change to be easy
I desire to be respected more
and I know that I have to be the one who removes
myself from those who don’t respect me

To be grateful for the lessons I receive in regards to respect
for it comes often enough for me to understand
I am still in physical form and working on myself
most importantly I must give myself the respect I desire
from others before I can ask it of others

I am truly grateful to be here and walking my path
my lessons are my gift to teach me how to respect, love and honor
who I am




So many of my girlfriends have lost their Mom’s
in the past few years
Having the blessing to be able to be with their Mom’s before they
took flight and became Spirit once again

My girlfriends are strong women who have been left with
the responsibility of taking care of the arrangements as
everyone knows what kind of wonderful caregiver they are

As woman we have learned to be the ones to take charge
when something comes up
be it something small like, listening to our friends and giving
them hugs when they hurt
to being the one to take care of the arrangements and talk to
the many different people involved in the services
regarding the passing of our Mother

I wish to take the sorrow away
to be their for them
I know the lost they feel as I loss my Mom 21 years ago
yet, no one could take my pain away
this is all part of our journey

I wish for them to know that so many of us have traveled in their
shoes and we all send love and light as they move
through these experience

Most of all, we are loved
My deepest heart felt feelings to each of my girlfriends
who have lost their Mom’s
you are loved and please know your Mom is still there
with her arms wrapped around each one of you
giving you the biggest hug ever
free to fly and just be Spirit