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What’s it all for

What’s it all for
What is our purpose here in physical form
Why do we live to die

The answer is simple
Though most people have a hard time seeing it
Accepting it
Believing it

It is as if we have had so much stuff
Drilled into our heads
That life has to be hard
We must suffer
We must give to everyone else
Sacrifice ourselves for others happiness
(a message passed on to women for centuries)

What if each and everyone of us
Are here to live
Live in our hearts
Be happy for who we are
Where we are in our lives
Live in gratitude for who is in our life
Who has been
Living where we are now
Not our past
Not our future
Just right now

Finding inner peace with our journey
Receiving all good and great people and things into our lives

I have spent the past few months focusing on the things I am grateful for
Some mornings it takes a little time to count them all
Some mornings I awake fully happy
And totally in my heart ūüíĖ

I realize I can not change my past
I can not control my future or any of the moments in between by living in my head
letting fear run my moments

What I can do is breathe
Just breathe
For as I move through the moments finding anything I can find gratitude for
My gratitude shifts everything
And I mean everything ūüôā

So I am grateful to everyone in my life
The lessons I have learned and the ones I still have to learn
I find peace in what I have created in my life now
I know nothing
I know that trusting the unseen world is scary and exciting

As I stay in gratitude
The results bring me happiness through the friends and family
created by my desires for something better then what
my past was

Thank you
With much love and gratitude from my heart for each moment of my day

Old Friend

 I have had some time to reflect on my past
 I am very grateful to you for being in my life
 understanding that my freedom within our relationship was very important to me

 It was your friendship that gave me security when I did not see that
 I could stand on my own
 because of my childhood and then marriage to my ex
 it was because of this that I moved in with you

 At the time we met
 I did not believe that I could really be me
My family and others were right
I thought, leaving me to believe they knew what
was best for me
through my time with you
I learned that I did not need to be rescued anymore
because I was not broken

 I was confused and did not understand I was
 fine believing in myself and doing what was
 right for me
 we are different people
 and yet we were to be together for several seasons

 I only wish you the best
 I hope you find everything you desire in life and live
 Your life fully each and everyday
 I will always remember the times we had together with
 Such gratitude

 I realize that I used to get upset with you in the past few years
 As there seems to be a part of you that can not
 Accept me as I am today
I believe that your understanding of my world does not work
 With your belief system
 And I am ok with that
 I also know that all is in divine order and it was to be this way

 Please know that you are an amazing man
 And I am very grateful that we journeyed as long as we did
 And that we can still connect when we do
 Please do not think that you did anything wrong
 I realize some time ago that the man who I connected to was to come into my life
To have the two of us move forward with our own lives
 I was never to be with him
it was for me to fully embrace myself
loving myself for who I am, just the way I am

 I was to step up and be the me I am today
 And if we had not moved to Portland
 And I had not taking the job selling 
Something else would of happened for us to get the message
 And move in our own directions
 To honor our independent lives

 We came together when I thought I was broken
 Only to find out that I was never broken
 Just learning how to be me

 Thank you for carefully nudging me to find myself
 And giving me a safe environment to do it in 
When I was not feeling safe in this world

 I hope that if we meet up in the future
 You can accept me as I am
 As I accept you as you are

 Thank you for being my friend when I was feeling lost

 I am forever grateful

Now I am moving forward with my life
Blessed to be me
living in gratitude everyday for everything I am
and everything I have in my life…….
Friends, family, Love, Happiness,