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Starting New

My mind races 
Filled with questions 

Can I trust this person ?
How will I know if he is telling 
The truth ?
Is there really a nice guy out there 
Who will truly like me for me ?
Am I a fool for taking a chance with 
A man long distance ? 

Stop, breath, get back into my heart
Stop, breath, trust Spirit

Quiet my mind 
It is full of stories 
Ones to scare me 
Believing they are to protect me 
From being a fool

Sitting still
I listen to my heart 
The sound of contentment 
Following my journey 
Into the unknown 

I desire to open my heart to 
All possibilities 
That only great, wonderful 
Gifts will come from this 

I find that this time I 
Desire to free myself from 
The drivers seat 

Trust fully in myself 
To be in each moment as 
It comes
Embracing the feeling of the moment

I am free
Starting now