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what did I lack

We talk of how we lack
we lack work, money, loving relationships
a better car, a bigger home
seems we are good at talking about what we
want and don’t have
how terrible we feel
and how we believe our goals and dreams are hard to reach

What if………..
instead of complaining about what we don’t have
we start being grateful for what we do have

I found out long ago it is easier to find everything wrong with my life
and let people know how yuckie I was feeling
then to find the good in everything in my life
I realized by focusing on the good I had way less to talk about
I found myself in my heart in gratutide for what I did have
and somehow found myself smiling and enjoying my life
from a different point of view

the changes came slowly
yet they still came
filling myself with wonderful moments

Yes, every so offen the yuck comes back
to remind me I am human
which means to me, I forgot to be humble
so it’s humble pie for dinner that night
I give thanks for the reminder that I continue to learn from my past
how to be a better person today