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Family consist of the people
We choose to journey
Our younger years with

To teach us
So many things
Some help us to grow
In loving ways
Others push us to see
All the things we don’t
Like and desire not to be

Which is the gift

Family teaches us who
We are
And how we are not

Family can bring love
And happiness into our lives
Or they can be destructive
And heartbreaking

In my life
I bore myself to my family
As my gift for healing

Seems like I decided to heal
Lots of past lives all
At once

The gifts I received from
My family
Was to learn many forms
Of love
Mostly what the ego
Said love was, is

I found through them
That I felt different
I felt something that
Did not fit
Through them being them
I found me

I believe that love comes
From and lives in my heart
It fills me with joy and peace

Love is unconditional
Free of expectations

I can say I love my family
For what they brought
Into my life for healing