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What I am finding right now is that
I am changing faster then I can keep up with
the old has fallen away
and the new is in process

I am releasing over and over again
and receiving over and over again
so who I am is ever changing right now
there is only accepting what is in this moment
for the next brings more change

so what am I do to
just breath
seems so easy
yet, so challenging at the same time

some people want me to be the same old me
and some like the new me
(am I really a new me?)
or is it that I am being the real me
the one that I always knew existed inside me

I know nothing
yet, I feel so free now in knowing nothing
it’s as if I really understand
that saying that knowing nothing
is knowing everything

what is next?
I believe this craziness is
bringing me peace and
Spiritual freedom to be me