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It seems to me that much is ado
everywhere I turn I find some friends and family
all a mist
creating new drama from past journeys

I feel as if I am being tested
I have walked away from the drama of the past
and really desire to live in the positive
the best I can every day

Is it myself who is testing me
Or, is it them?
They seems to be so used to the negative
can it be that they get lost
and feel insecure without the drama

I believe in my new way of feeling and walking
Kind words about myself and everyone I meet
I catch myself
it is easy for me to fall back into old habits
where I get caught up in the drama of everyone’s stuff
and lose myself

I forgive myself and thank those
who show me how I am the most
important person in my life

I believe in my journey
I love myself and the path I am now walking
I love those in my life who keep reminding me
that I am in human form and part of my
journey is to not judge myself or anyone else

Thank you for being my best teachers
I love you