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They Say

They say

“Real loves moves freely in both directions
So why would you waste your time
on anything else”

I believe we want so much to be loved
That we often settle for
less then what is real

Doing our best to put blinders on
using what we have learned from others
in our past to get the person we think we want

Yes, I said it
think we love to change and be the one
the one to fill our wishes and wants
to be everything we are lacking in our life
to fill our void

To  truly love
Is to love  what we have
Real love shows us to
see who we are and who the other is
just the way we are
free of blinders, free of attempting to change the other

It is made up of the things we say
The things we don’t say
The things we do
Most importantly we believe in each others journey
and desire to be with and love each other
Just the way we are

Giving each others support in the work they do
Loving each other should be the easiest thing we have ever done
It flows with grace and ease from one heart to the others heart

Real love is work
however it is the most fun and exciting work we can do

I open my heart to love
giving and receiving it all day long