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We are so conditioned to believe that we must
be attached to the people in our lives
somehow we have come to believe that attachment and love go hand in hand
Why can’t I love someone without feeling like I have to do everything
the way they like or more importantly change myself to
impress them or show them they are important to me

Can we just care about each other free of attachments?
you be you and I be me
Connecting with each other, enjoy each other just as we are
neither one of us changing to make the other happy
just being

We are beautiful people
and we have so much to give
it is time we give to ourselves by
believing in who we are and loving who we are
find the joy in ourselves as unique individuals
and lighting up our world from inside ourselves
then sharing our happiness with those we love

Imagine us all being better for ourselves and honoring
ourselves for the journeys we have walked this life time alone
imagine us accepting all of our past experiences and believing
we can create a better us from our lessons

Most importantly imagine each of us taking responsibility for
our own feeling and actions
thus, freeing us to enjoy one another without being responsible for
fixing the people we love and care about
or making them change to fit our needs so we don’t have to accept
ourselves or take responsiblity for our actions

free of attaching ourselves to each other to make ourselves feel better
just respecting each persons journey
and connecting with kindness and love
allowing each person the freedom to be who they are

I guess the question becomes this
How many of us would really stay with those who hurt us with
their actions if we were free of the attachments that have entangled
us in each others lives?