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Mustering Strength

Mustering strength

How do I muster the strength
I need to move forward
When I feel dead inside
All hope lost
Faith be gone
Trust no one
Look how fast I fell

Looking for a sign
Somehow lost in despair
It is if all my paths have
Disappeared right before
My eyes

So how do I find hope, faith
And even begin to believe
In myself or my path
When I feel weak and afraid

Mustering strength to put one
Step in front on the other
To believe in the lesson
I have just experienced
This brokenness
Being throw under the train

Right now I sit deep in the
Brokenness of my experience
Knowing it is all I have right now

Somehow as much as I feel
Like death
Over time I know this feeling to
Shall pass

Afterward I feel my
Pain and sorrow, I find that one
Strand of light that
Pulls me forward out of the

Giving me the energy to muster the
Strength to move forward
Knowing my path is always
Blessed with love and light