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So much disrespect floating around
What have we been teaching each other?
How many generations ago did the breakdown of respect start?
Why do we believe we are to tolerate disrespect to ourselves and others?

Seems we get blamed and become the bad person
when we speak up and ask to be respected

Funny how we usually seem to only speak up when
we have had enough
as if we think that taking the disrespect from time to time is ok
Then we reach that point were we say enough is enough
So what has to happen inside of us before we stand our ground
we even end up demanding respect instead of asking politely

How often do we shift and change our opinion of ourselves
so we can feel like we fit in with friends and co-workers
even our family

Why do we change to fit in at all
does it have to do with the old feelings
the ones that are familiar
comfortable and all knowing to us

I desire change to be easy
I desire to be respected more
and I know that I have to be the one who removes
myself from those who don’t respect me

To be grateful for the lessons I receive in regards to respect
for it comes often enough for me to understand
I am still in physical form and working on myself
most importantly I must give myself the respect I desire
from others before I can ask it of others

I am truly grateful to be here and walking my path
my lessons are my gift to teach me how to respect, love and honor
who I am