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Trust is a wonderful gift to all of us
who choose to live in our hearts and believe
in our ability to honor our true self

So many of us have been lied to by others
taught that our feelings or thoughts are

The belief from them is that the world
only works one way
and that our journey is to follow
the so called right way to live

Follow the rules
Be normal
Sacrifice yourself for others
Secure your future

Opening up to our own truths
Allowing ourselves to feel
and following our hearts desires
Most of all Trusting what feels right for us

Taking the time to really feel our own truth
and trusting it
is one of the best ways for
us to learn to trust others too

I trust Spirit
which in turns allows me
to trust my feelings
and those close to my heart

Starting New

My mind races 
Filled with questions 

Can I trust this person ?
How will I know if he is telling 
The truth ?
Is there really a nice guy out there 
Who will truly like me for me ?
Am I a fool for taking a chance with 
A man long distance ? 

Stop, breath, get back into my heart
Stop, breath, trust Spirit

Quiet my mind 
It is full of stories 
Ones to scare me 
Believing they are to protect me 
From being a fool

Sitting still
I listen to my heart 
The sound of contentment 
Following my journey 
Into the unknown 

I desire to open my heart to 
All possibilities 
That only great, wonderful 
Gifts will come from this 

I find that this time I 
Desire to free myself from 
The drivers seat 

Trust fully in myself 
To be in each moment as 
It comes
Embracing the feeling of the moment

I am free
Starting now