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So much disrespect floating around
What have we been teaching each other?
How many generations ago did the breakdown of respect start?
Why do we believe we are to tolerate disrespect to ourselves and others?

Seems we get blamed and become the bad person
when we speak up and ask to be respected

Funny how we usually seem to only speak up when
we have had enough
as if we think that taking the disrespect from time to time is ok
Then we reach that point were we say enough is enough
So what has to happen inside of us before we stand our ground
we even end up demanding respect instead of asking politely

How often do we shift and change our opinion of ourselves
so we can feel like we fit in with friends and co-workers
even our family

Why do we change to fit in at all
does it have to do with the old feelings
the ones that are familiar
comfortable and all knowing to us

I desire change to be easy
I desire to be respected more
and I know that I have to be the one who removes
myself from those who don’t respect me

To be grateful for the lessons I receive in regards to respect
for it comes often enough for me to understand
I am still in physical form and working on myself
most importantly I must give myself the respect I desire
from others before I can ask it of others

I am truly grateful to be here and walking my path
my lessons are my gift to teach me how to respect, love and honor
who I am




We are so conditioned to believe that we must
be attached to the people in our lives
somehow we have come to believe that attachment and love go hand in hand
Why can’t I love someone without feeling like I have to do everything
the way they like or more importantly change myself to
impress them or show them they are important to me

Can we just care about each other free of attachments?
you be you and I be me
Connecting with each other, enjoy each other just as we are
neither one of us changing to make the other happy
just being

We are beautiful people
and we have so much to give
it is time we give to ourselves by
believing in who we are and loving who we are
find the joy in ourselves as unique individuals
and lighting up our world from inside ourselves
then sharing our happiness with those we love

Imagine us all being better for ourselves and honoring
ourselves for the journeys we have walked this life time alone
imagine us accepting all of our past experiences and believing
we can create a better us from our lessons

Most importantly imagine each of us taking responsibility for
our own feeling and actions
thus, freeing us to enjoy one another without being responsible for
fixing the people we love and care about
or making them change to fit our needs so we don’t have to accept
ourselves or take responsiblity for our actions

free of attaching ourselves to each other to make ourselves feel better
just respecting each persons journey
and connecting with kindness and love
allowing each person the freedom to be who they are

I guess the question becomes this
How many of us would really stay with those who hurt us with
their actions if we were free of the attachments that have entangled
us in each others lives?


It seems to me that much is ado
everywhere I turn I find some friends and family
all a mist
creating new drama from past journeys

I feel as if I am being tested
I have walked away from the drama of the past
and really desire to live in the positive
the best I can every day

Is it myself who is testing me
Or, is it them?
They seems to be so used to the negative
can it be that they get lost
and feel insecure without the drama

I believe in my new way of feeling and walking
Kind words about myself and everyone I meet
I catch myself
it is easy for me to fall back into old habits
where I get caught up in the drama of everyone’s stuff
and lose myself

I forgive myself and thank those
who show me how I am the most
important person in my life

I believe in my journey
I love myself and the path I am now walking
I love those in my life who keep reminding me
that I am in human form and part of my
journey is to not judge myself or anyone else

Thank you for being my best teachers
I love you


What does it mean to honor thyself
Different from respect
not the same as love

How does one honor thyself
if we don’t understand what the
word really means

Loving myself means
doing good things for myself
saying and believing in myself
respecting my past lessons
moving forward humbly
free of judging myself for where I have been

I get confused with the concept of
honor verses respect
I view respect as working hand and hand
with honor

Respecting myself means to treat myself
as I would a friend or someone I love
with kindness

Honor myself
I tell myself the truth and I find ways
to be truthful to others without hurting them
at the same time doing the right thing for myself
instead of what is right for someone else

So today I honor myself
that what once was no longer is
that which I desire has yet to come
living in between feels so upsurd

I am not here or there
ackward I feel moving around in the void
as if lost in the night
awaiting first light

I am still here
honoring my journey
not sure who I am
yet, trusting I am on the right path for me