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Today I feel blessed
In this moment I feel like
The most blessed person
How can I be so lucky to
Be this blessed

Being blessed is our gift
We all are blessed
We all share great luck

Why do we forget
Why do we become the victim
Why do we feel less than others

It took me some time to remember
Remember to be grateful for
All I have and all I am

Life takes us on journeys
It was up to me to
Be the one wishing for a
different future
A different life
A different story

Then I remembered my journey
I remembered how the things
That happened to me
Taught me lots of lessions
How each experience taught
Me who I am not and who I know
Resides inside of me
Begging to come out and shine

Each person I met
Taught me to honor
My belief system
Follow my truth

And, yes it costs me
It cost me friends,
Lovers and family

At every turn
I had a choice
A choice to follow another
Or follow my truth
Sometimes, in order to fit in
I followed them
As I got stronger
I followed my truth

My truth is this
I feel very blessed for
Everyone I have met
Everyone I have journeyed
Everyone I have loved
And everyone I still love
Every situation I have gotten
Myself into
And even more
The situations Spirit, God, the Universe
Has gotten me out of

Blessed is how I live now
Thank you for each moment
Of my life
Filled with joy and heartache
A like

I am a blessed person
Blessed to be me
Just the way I am