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The biggest challenge we have is letting go of what our head says
to do to protect our bodies
Living in our heart means paying attention to our feelings
and blaming no one
Not even ourselves
Giving gratitude to ego
For what it had brought to the surface
so we can change
The thoughts
The words
Thus loving ourselves and our journey as it unfolds
we love our changes into the positive
Thus believing only great wonderful
Events and situations can and do
Come into our lives and hearts


One of the most challenging things we do in life is be a Mother
it seems as if life turns upside down several different times during the growth
of our children

Be it one child or several, the process seems to change every time we seem
to have figured it out
remembering what it was like to be the child
our memories at times feel as if they were from a movie
or story someone else wrote
siblings having a different take on our childhood as we do
and our parents at times seem to have a different story too…………

What every Mom says or does seems to work as differently as each child’s personality
One thing that seems to be the biggest painful challenge to many Mom’s is when
one of our children stop talking to us
when they are young we at times pray they will stop talking and quiet down
giving themselves and us must needed rest
when they are adults and decide that they are taking a stand in the world
and then shut us out for whatever reason they have
the pain and sorrow we bear as Mom seems to break us at the very core of our existence

Our heads swarm with questions
what did we do wrong, what did we say wrong, what can we do to make them understand
what if ?????????????
the questions go on and on
then there is family, friends, co-workers and so on that ask us the same questions
as if we haven’t already beaten ourselves up enough we get the questions we have yet to be able
to answer back at us

what I have come to know is this:
We are love
We come from love
We are to be the love we desire to ourselves
others at times might not respect us
Yet, we can and are strong enough to be our light
We have wonderful people in our live’s
It is for us to receive the love they have to offer us during these times
We are love

Thank you Mom’s for being your light even when you are in need of only shining
it for yourself in the darkness of your healing
you are beautiful Mom’s and doing the best you can

Motherhood is the gift of learning how to love yourself as well as your journey with your children, family and friends

Bless you for being a Mom
the most challenging job on Mother Earth………………………